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Smartphone Concierge,
a fully customizable system that can be easily used without IT-savvy staff

Smartphone Concierge, our engagement platform specialized for the hotel industry improves business efficiency and improves guest's travel experience.

Main Features

Post facility information

Post facility information

You can post the opening hours and crowds of the restaurants and hot springs located in the museum.
Post information about nearby attractions

Post information about nearby attractions

Information about nearby sightseeing, dining, and local campaigns can be posted.
Banner Ads

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be placed for campaigns, new restaurant menus, and other information you want to tell guests staying at your facility.
Mobile Order

Mobile Order

Online ordering for in-house restaurants, in-room dining, and amenities
Multilingual Support Available

Multilingual Support Available

AI chatbots, available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, provide immediate 24-hour support to guests.

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Since the guests' own smartphones are used, the initial investment is minimal.
Information can be communicated to guests without increasing printed materials, thus reducing costs.
The system allows you to post information about campaigns and the latest services in places that are easily seen by guests, which can promote new products and encourage participation in campaigns, leading to increased sales.
The system can also reduce the time it takes to place an order, since orders are placed through the system.
Inbound guests can be served without the need to install translation terminals.
All the information guests need during their stay is in one place and easy to find.
Food and amenities can be ordered from the guest's room, so their schedule will not be affected.
No application or sign up required. The required information can be accessed without any time consuming registration procedures.
The information is accessbile from the guest's smartphone, so no need to carry brochures or flyers to go exploring.

User-friendly for guests and easy-to-use management system for staff

The management system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing staff to easily update content and constantly provide new information to your guests.

Easily edit and update information for guests from the management system

Using this system, which can be easily edited and updated, special pages for your facility can be displayed on the platform. Facility information, campaign information, FAQs, etc. can be quickly provided to guests.

Designed exclusively for your facility

Fully customizable to create a unique platform for each facility.

Comprehensive follow-up

No need to worry about setup. We also offer the highest level of customer service.

Collects valuable marketing data

Visualize guests' interests and needs based on their browsing history, understand the information they are seeking, and collect useful sales and marketing data. This data can also be be used to enhance the facility's strategy.

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An application that provides an easy-to-install digital PBX system. It supports both internal and external lines, as well as area code integration.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy speed dial setup
  • High-quality backend servers
  • Clear call quality
  • Track outside call charges