Tabi Life株式会社

To make Tabi Life comfortable for our guests,
we are developing technology
that is "fast," "easy," and "safe" to use.

Technology is the best solution
to your problems

Our first priority is engagement/guest relations.
We want to increase the reservation rate on our website.

We want to increase direct booking.

The goal of all lodging facilities is to break away from dependence on OTAs. This is the biggest challenge in the lodging industry with a bright future. It is said that the average in-house website reservation rate is 6%, how about your hotel?
Implementing an IT platform focused on engagement to stimulate guest behavior and increase the company's own site reservation rate.
We don't have enough manpower, what should we do?

We are short-staffed, what should we do?

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the hotel industry ranks highest in both job entry and turnover rates. Along with a decline in service quality due to labor shortages, even employee motivation is declining.
Engagement that is lacking due to a shortage in staff can be filled by utilizing IT to improve the efficiency of business tasks.
Low IT Literacy

Low IT Literacy

In this era of digitalization, the level of IT literacy of employees has a significant impact on the performance and growth of accommodations.
We place importance on providing a system that is intuitive and easy to use for guests and staff even if they are not familiar with IT.
Inefficient Operations

Inefficient Operations

The hotel industry faces challenges such as the existence of numerous uncoordinated systems, a wide range of business activities, and long employee hours, which places a heavy burden on employees.
The new "hospitality" optimized system integration improves user experience, reduces costs, and improves operational efficiency.

Service Features

Easy-to-use UX/UI for both guests and staff
Sophisticated design focused on user experience minimizes page abandonment rates and increases time on page. It is easy for everyone to use, including guests and hotel staff.
Improved work efficiency and reduced costs
In the system we provide, the average user engagement time is 2 minutes and 34 seconds per user, viewing five to six different services. By enhancing them for each accommodation, we can reduce the number of inquiries, check-in time, and print-related costs.
No need to download apps Guest-friendly web-based system
Guests do not easily download hotel apps. In this age when all kinds of information can be obtained instantly from a smartphone, guests of hotel facilities also want information as quickly as possible when they need it. Since our service is web-based, guest usage is much higher, and we offer a new way of "hospitality" that can meet guest expectations.
Increase non-booking sales
Guests' system usage data is analyzed and used as powerful marketing data that visualizes their interests and needs. This data strategically supports up-selling for hotel facilities (e.g., food and beverage, merchandise sales, use of various services within the facility, etc.).

Client Feedback

Shonan Label Entertainment
The platform is easy to edit and expressive. Various information can be posted along with visuals. Advanced notice of product sales is now possible, which has increased the purchase rate before a guests’ departure. In addition, the number of simple inquiries has decreased and the staff’s work efficiency has improved.
Kasumigaseki Capital
Since Smartphone Concierge is used on the guest’s device, the implementation cost is low. Usage tracking is also available, making cost-effectiveness clear. The management screen is easy to setup and use, which allows us to provide information tailored to the needs of our guests.
Relo Vacations
Previously, when any hotel information was changed, we had to manually update the information that was provided in all of our guest rooms. Now that the information has been digitalized, everything can be changed at once. At our restaurant, orders are now managed centrally in the tablet, reducing the amount of time spent taking orders and filling out forms.